Gong Meditation Research and Advocacy
Dr. Karambir Khalsa facilitating a gong meditation in 2022.

What is Gong Meditation?

Please click HERE for a brief explanation of what gong meditation is including a short video.

Gong Meditation Research

Gong Tones is an Arizona-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our mission includes advocating and facilitating scientific research studying the therapeutic use of sound healing techniques, particularly gong meditation, for mental health and well being. We are committed to expanding the body of evidence supporting sound healing and related modalities as adjunct treatments. This includes interventions such as music therapy, vibroacoustic therapy, and low frequency sound stimulation among others. Our longterm goal is to add the practice known as gong meditation (also known as gong bath, gong wash, baño de sonido, bain sonore, gong bad, among others) as an evidence-based practice for anxiety. Dr. Khalsa hopes psychologists of the future may be able to prescribe a recorded gong meditation for clients who are dealing with anxiety.

Sound Healing Advocacy

Gong Tones is still in the startup phase and our immediate goal is to ensure sufficient funding to cover monthly expenses.  Our longer term goal is to secure funding through grants or donations to conduct the followup study discussed above. The cost of such a study would be upwards of $150,000. In the meantime, we continue to advocate the use of gong meditation as a means of stimulating the relaxation response for all individuals. Advocacy (i.e., outreach) includes hosting public events as well as pro bono work with local mental health facilities. It is our belief that gong meditation can help to reduce suffering for those with a clinical diagnosis (i.e., anxiety). At present, our research efforts consist of development of data collection and processing tools and processes. Once funding is available we will be ready to move forward with confidence that our research will provide valid data for analysis.

To date, we have successfully completed the following sound healing research studies:
* Experimental Sound Study for neten, inc. of Japan
* Dissertation research studying gong meditation as an intervention for anxiety

Both studies originally involved face-to-face interaction between the researcher and participants and were halted due to COVID-19. Both studies were redesigned to minimize risk of transmitting COVID-19 by using remote interaction between researcher and participants.

Charitable Contributions Support Our Mission

As a relatively young  501(c)(3) nonprofit, we are dependent primarily on individual contributions to fund our day-to-day operations. Small contributions (i.e., $10-$20) go a long way towards helping us to reach our goals. Your contributions are tax deductible in the United States. Please use the link under the About menu to make a donation.

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