Sound Healing Research and Advocacy

Karambir Singh Khalsa speaking at the International Transpersonal Conference 2019
Karambir Singh Khalsa presenting his dissertation proposal on Gong Meditation for Anxiety at the International Transpersonal Conference 2019

Gong Tones facilitates and advocates scientific research to study the therapeutic use of sound healing for mental health and wellbeing. We are committed to expanding the body of evidence supporting sound healing and related modalities such as music therapy, vibroacoustic therapy, and low frequency sound stimulation as adjunct treatments for clinical mental health diagnoses such as anxiety. Our immediate goal is to add the practice known as gong meditation to the list of evidence-based treatments for anxiety.

With the focus in Silicon Valley on manufacturing and selling biotech devices to hack one’s consciousness, it easy to lose sight of the existing tools through which to achieve similar results. Our focus is on using a combination of established outcome measures and cutting edge research technology to study existing tools which may provide therapeutic benefits to individuals dealing with mental health issues.

We are currently facilitating the following sound healing research:
* Preliminary study of the Logostron Surf Bed (proposal phase)
* Dissertation research studying gong meditation for anxiety (proposal phase)

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Charitable Contributions Support Our Mission

As a newly-formed 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we are dependent on individual contributions to fund our day-to-day operations. Small contributions go a long way towards helping us to reach our goals.

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Individual Sound Healing Sessions

Karambir Individual Sound Healing Session
Karambir Singh Khalsa during an individual sound healing session

Individual sound healing sessions include gongs, singing bowls, bells, as well as other sound and energy healing tools and techniques. Clients may experience deeps state of relaxation or altered states of consciousness (ASCs) where deeper healing can take place. One hypothesis we hope to explore in a future study is whether sound healing induces gestalt-like vignettes where something arises from the background of one’s consciousness, is processed, and gradually recedes once agin into the background only to make space for something else.
Suggested donation for sound healing sessions (sliding scale):
– $100 for 60 minutes
– $150 for 90 minutes
– $150 for 60 minutes
– $200 for 90 minutes
– please contact us for details

Book a Session

We are happy to customize individual, couples, or group sessions to meet your specific needs. Feel free to contact us to find our more.

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Sound Healing Gong Bath Meditation

Sound Healing Gong Bath Meditation
Karambir Singh Khalsa plays a 50″ Paiste symphonic gong

There are many names to describe this experience including gong bath, gong meditation, gong wash, sound healing, sound bath. Participants relax lying down, reclining, or seated while the gongmaster creates a soundscape using a variety of sound healing tools such as: gongs, singing bowls, crystal bowls, didgeridoo, bells, voice, and recorded music. While meditative in nature, it is not a focused meditative practice. It is an opportunity to be mindful and observe one’s experience. Sound healing has been shown to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and stimulate Alpha and Theta wave in the brain, the combination of which can result in deeper emotional healing. We hope to provide clinical data on the specific effects in a future research study. For now, why not judge for yourself!

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