Sound Healing Gong Bath Meditation

Here are links to some of our friends. Feel free to check back. The list is evolving…


  • Palouse Mindfulness – Dave Potter created and maintains this website which offers a free online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction class. This will change your life!

Sound Healing

  • The Gong Shop – – a good source for fine sound healing tools at fair prices.
  • Sounds Eternal – – Mike Tamburo is among the most talented and knowledgeable gong players of our time.
  • Institut für Klang-Massag-Therapie (Institute for Sound Massage Therapy) – – Elisabeth Dierlich offers Peter Hess ® Sound Massage as well as gong training.
  • Peter Hess Institut – – Peter Hess adapted the ancient teachings of the Far East on sound healing for use in the western world. He offers some of the finest quality Himalayan bowls for healing use.

Yoga – great yoga resource for finding yoga wherever you might be.

Recommended Reading