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Sound and Energy Healing Sessions / Southwest Utah
Dr. Karambir Khalsa facilitating an energy healing session in Denver, Colorado

What is Sound-Energy Healing?

Individual sound and energy healing sessions include gongs, singing bowls, bells, as well as other sound and energy healing tools using techniques such as Brennan Healing Science* and Peter Hess ® Sound Massage†. The combination of sounds, particularly those lacking distinct harmony and melody may cause one’s cognitive processes and ego function to become distracted, making space for deeper subconscious processing to take place.

*Dr. Khalsa studied energy healing at the Barbara Brennan School for Healing in Europe from 2005 – 2011.
†Dr. Khalsa studied a form of sound healing known as Peter Hess® Sound Massage through the Peter Hess Akademia Schweiz and the Peter Hess Institute during the period from 2009 – 2013.

Some research suggests that gongs may induce altered states of consciousness (ASCs). One hypothesis we hope to explore in a future study is whether sound healing induces gestalt-like vignettes where an image or thought arises from the background of one’s consciousness, is processed, and gradually recedes once again into the background only to make space for something else.

Sedona Sound Energy Healing

Dr. Khalsa is currently organizing a venue from which to conduct sound/energy healing sessions in Sedona, Arizona.

Please check back or click the link below to contact Dr. Khalsa directly.

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